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All about necklaces lengths in video!

I have been looking and looking for ages to get the best way to show necklaces length when it finally dawned on me that a video was the answer! So I put on my video producer’s hat and started recording… While I won’t win an Oscar for it I do hope you will find it helpful. If you still have some questions you can always ask it in the comments bellow.

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Last order dates Christmas 2014!

The all important last order dates…

As we are getting to the pointy end of the year here are the details for last orders:

  • Any custom made jewellery (Manu Scriptum collection, rings…): Friday 5 December
  • Any ready made items: Friday 12 December

Orders placed after these dates may not reach you in time before Christmas!

International shipping is possible BUT delivery times vary considerably from country to country so please keep that in mind for time sensitive presents.



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How I do what I do…

Large pink tourmaline cushion

If you are one of my Facebook fans (you can find my page here) you have seen a lot of my work in progress or before and after photos. But I am sure you can imagine it takes a lot more steps than I can show on those very short updates and limited images. To answer this burning question of how I do my work my brother helped me make this little video a couple of years ago. You can see all the various stages of the repair of a pink tourmaline. It is a little under 10 minutes long and I hope this will give you a nice little view into my work.

You can like it and share it with your gem loving friends!

Tell me what you think or if you have any questions in the comments bellow 🙂 I am always happy to hear back from you!

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This month’s support goes to The NSW Rural Fire Service

NSW Rural Fire Service

This was such an easy way to spread a bit of the Christmas spirit around that I decided to donate 10% of all my online sales again this year to support the NSW Rural Fire Service. You can shop right here on my blog using the “Shop” tab, in my Madeit or Etsy shops. I will add it all up at the end of the month to make the donation.

If you would like to make your own donation or get more details about the NSW Rural Fire Service here is the link to their website:

Wherever you are this Summer stay safe!

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To buy gemstones on the internet or not to buy?

I recently had a client very upset and asking for my help with two gemstones they had bought from a very popular online auction website.

While they were natural tanzanite and were the actual gemstones in the listing’s photo they had been touched so much that it was ridiculous to argue it was not a misleading description of those particular tanzanites.

This is not the first time I see people in that tricky situation and quite frankly this one was just the drop that made the cup overflow. That got me cranky! For those of you reading this who know me, you already know how much I love what I do. To see such a blatant ripoff prompted me to write this post in the hope that it will prevent a few people from getting caught by those nasty dealers that give my industry a bad reputation.

Following are the details of this very bad transaction:

The tanzanites were listed on a popular auction website. The normal details of size and weight were there along with only 1 photo of each tanzanite and the seller’s clarity: “internal flawless”and “AAA” colour grades.

What I think of this listing:
  1. the weight and dimensions were correct
  2. only 1 photo, this cannot give an accurate representation of the gemstone as you cannot see the proportions or regularity of the shape and facetting.
  3. while referring to “Internal flawless” means something it does not have the same importance for a coloured gemstone as it does for diamonds
  4. “AAA” colour means absolutely nothing. No professional laboratories use this in there certification of coloured gemstones. (to see a genuine sample of a coloured gem certificate from the GIA click here or visit the Gemological Institute of America website here)
  5. Now for the eye opener… the photos I took of the 2 tanzanites:

I know I do not have a professional photo set up or pretend to be a good photographer but I think it is quite clear that the colour is different and the angles the photos were taken was to make potential buyers think they were of much higher quality, colour and cut than they actually were.

While the seller refused to refund as they were the gemstone listed, my client got his money back from his credit card company after he gave them the report I wrote for him.

A lot of  gemstones sold on the internet are genuine gemstones but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. You usually get what you paid for but something bought for a few dollars online is not going to be valued at a thousand dollars if you know what I mean…