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These articles are examples of repairs and work I have done in my workshop. If you have any questions or would like to know if some gemstones you have can be cut or recut please contact me to make an appointment.

Large pink tourmaline cushion

How I do what I do…

If you are one of my Facebook fans (you can find my page here) you have seen a lot of my work in progress or before and after photos. But I am sure you can imagine it takes a lot more steps than I can show on those very short updates and limited images. To answer this […]

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Large natural emerald

Why are natural emeralds oiled?

I recently posted on Facebook photos of emeralds repairs including one matching set which had one emerald completely stripped of its oil during rhodium plating (see the Facebook post here). I showed the usual before and after photos which triggered a few questions about emeralds and oil. I am sure you have seen natural emeralds and noticed […]

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Large pink tourmaline cushion

Gem cutting services

As you can see in all the articles in the Gem-cutting category of my blog I do a lot of cutting from rough, repairs and some carving right here in my workshop. If you would like to know if some gemstones you have can be cut, recut or improved, pearls to drill… please contact me […]

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Amber pendent

This large amber pendent is what I call a “well loved” pendent and is worn most days. As you can see in this image it has become crackled on the surface and rather opaque. It is time to give it a rejuvenation treatment ! To start off I need to grind it down to get […]

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