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Woman’s Day feature!

Manu Scriptum cuff featured in Woman's Day!

In this week’s Woman’s Day (March 4 ) you will see a little feature on page 87 titled: “Shop the Markets… from your lounge” and will see one of my Manu Scriptum cuff! I am so thrilled, it is the first time I am in a national magazine 🙂

Here is a quick shot of it


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Handmade Market video

Hello everyone 🙂

I know I have been a bit slack lately on the blog but if you follow me on facebook you would have seen many of the gemstones repairs I have made. I promise I will write a couple of detailed articles about a couple of them soon.

To keep you entertained here is a little video of the September Handmade Market in Canberra. I won’t get an Oscar for it but hey I am learning!


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How to clean oxydised silver jewellery

Engraved or etched silver is sometimes oxydised to bring out the engraving of pattern. To clean it is not that difficult but needs a little bit of care. Do not use a silver cleaning solution as this will remove or discolour the oxydised area!

This cuff is part of my Manu Scriptum series and is a prime example. In order to see the written text I have oxydised and given its matt finish but the rest of the cuff oxydises as well over time! As it has a matt finish I use a common pot or dish scrubber (see below left) to clean the top surface without touching the etched part as it is a bit lower. Use a gentle motion in the one direction, no need to apply much force at all to get it back to its original condition. Take special care on antique pieces with very fine engravings as it can blur it if you apply a bit too much force or do it too often.

If the piece you want to clean has a polished surface then use any Silver Polish Cloth (above right). Gently rub the surface until all it is back to a uniform shiny and clean surface.

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Manu Scriptum Collection

This series of jewellery pieces have been developed in response to my Honours research at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney where I looked into the aesthetic and use of writing in craft practice, particularly in a European context.

Communication is a very important part of our modern world and writing (in its electronic form) is one of the prominent means of keeping in touch with friends and relatives. Handwriting shows personal characteristics and requires a little more effort and / or thought before it is sent. It is not an instant way of communicating but rather more personal. Using handwritten letters to be photo-etched onto the metal surface became my area of focus to reflect the close connection between the writer and the addressee. By wearing an extract of a personal hand written letter the addressee shows the importance of the message and beyond that the connection between two particular people. The piece becomes a constant reminder of that connection and bond.