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Comment nettoyer un bijou en argent oxydé

L’argent gravé peut parfois être volontairement oxydé pour mieux faire ressortir la gravure de l’objet. Il n’est pas si difficile de le nettoyer, mais il faut prendre quelques précautions. N’utilisez pas de solution ou produit spécifique pour nettoyer et/ou faire briller l’argent, car cela enlèvera ou décolorera la partie volontairement oxydée.

Ce bracelet fait partie de la série des “Manu Scriptum” et est un excellent exemple. Pour que l’on puisse bien voir la partie manuscrite, je l’ai volontairement oxydée et donné un fini mat. Mais le reste du bracelet s’oxydera également au fil du temps.

Puisque ce bijou a un fini mat, vous pouvez utiliser un grattoir à vaisselle (propre et non gras – photo ci-dessous à gauche) pour nettoyer la surface sans abîmer la gravure qui est, elle, légèrement en profondeur. Le mouvement doit être léger et être effectué dans un seul et même sens; il n’est pas nécessaire de frotter avec beaucoup de force pour ramener le bijou dans son état d’origine. Faites particulièrement attention si vous nettoyez des bijoux ou objets anciens aux gravures très fines, car un nettoyage trop énergique ou trop fréquent pourrait estomper ou dégrader la gravure.

Si vous voulez nettoyer un objet dont la surface est polie, utilisez un chiffon à polir l’argent (photo ci-dessus à droite). Frottez doucement jusqu’à ce que la surface redevienne uniformément brillante et propre.

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How to clean a ring

This method is applicable for any diamond ring as well as many gemstones. However do NOT use this method with emeralds or any heavily included gemstones (with a lot of fractures / internal flaws) or porous material such as turquoise, lapis lazuli or amber. You can use a very mild soapy water or just plain water to soak and soften dirt particles and be very gentle with the brush!

Before doing anything check that the diamond or gemstone is secure and not loos in the setting. If it anything is loose take it to your jeweller to get checked and tightened.

If in doubt I would recommend you visit your jeweller and ask them to check and clean your jewellery for you.

I use a glass container with enough Methylated spirit to cover the entire ring and let it soak for a little while. If the ring is particularly dirty you can leave it overnight to soften anything that has stuck to the bottom of the diamond / gemstone and around the underside of the ring.

Here is my peridot and diamond ring soaking. After some time soaking you can take it out and gently brush off any dirt from the ring using an old tooth brush. If it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time it may take a few times before it is back to its sparkly best.

I always recommend to all my clients to get their jewellery checked every year for wear and tear and general clean.

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Manu Scriptum Collection

This series of jewellery pieces have been developed in response to my Honours research at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney where I looked into the aesthetic and use of writing in craft practice, particularly in a European context.

Communication is a very important part of our modern world and writing (in its electronic form) is one of the prominent means of keeping in touch with friends and relatives. Handwriting shows personal characteristics and requires a little more effort and / or thought before it is sent. It is not an instant way of communicating but rather more personal. Using handwritten letters to be photo-etched onto the metal surface became my area of focus to reflect the close connection between the writer and the addressee. By wearing an extract of a personal hand written letter the addressee shows the importance of the message and beyond that the connection between two particular people. The piece becomes a constant reminder of that connection and bond.