How to look after pearls or gemstone beads necklaces

Pearls are pretty little things but they need to be looked after.

The most important advice I can give you is to put on your pearls last, just before you go. Perfume and cosmetics can cause irreversible damage to pearls wether they are South Sea of Fresh water pearls the result is the same. The top layer is attacked and eaten away. Usually it shows first towards the back of a strand, close to the clasp as it rubs against the skin constantly. You will notice a change in colour as well as texture of the pearl compared to any undamaged ones from the same strand. Pearls on stud earrings will normally show any damage at the back around the little protective cap between the earlobe and the pearl.

Worn amethyst  necklace

Signs of wear & tear, this necklace needs to be restrung very soon!

A good maintenance of your pearl necklace is also very important. I advise all my clients to have a little check for signs of wear & tear before putting on their necklace. The most obvious sign is when the knots are getting dirty or discoloured and becoming “fluffy”. This indicates that the silk is deteriorating and starting to break down, time to get it restrung before it breaks!

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