Malachite polished stone free form


Malachite polished stone freeform



Malachite polished stone

Over the years as a professional gem-cutter & gemologist I have accumulated quite a few interesting gems and minerals that have been on display in my workshop or stated aside for projects to be made… Now comes the time to share some of those treasures and get them to new loving home! So if you are a gem & crystal lover, a budding or serious jeweller these are for you.

This is a lovely large piece of malachite I sourced for one of my client but I was not aware it had 2 large filled spots and a couple of small ones at the back. So this was not suitable for that particular gem collector but it still is a very nice display piece.

It is about 10cm at its longest and 7.5cm at its widest. The natural form has been cleaned up and polished all over, some areas were not easily reachable so are left as nature made it.

Please note on the last photo of the back I have circled in red the 2 large & 2 smaller areas that have been filled in with malachite chips and some sort of green cement. Apart from this the malachite is natural.

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